SchoolWise - Inspiring a Passion for Learning in Everyone

The SchoolWise Vision

We are passionate about learning and our vision is simple; to inspire a passion for learning in everyone. We believe that we are all learners and it is our goal to inspire learners to inspire others, to enrich the lives of everyone and to challenge ourselves to be better than we think we can be. 


We believe in a new way of doing things that will result in positive change within everyone. Our promise is to provide a safe and stimulation learning environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Where each person will be treated as an individual, is instilled a sense of pride and independence, is given the skills and tools to be a lifelong e-confident learner. 


Our ambition is to create superior products and services to deliver a seamless learning experience. We strive to ignite a passion, to inspire and stimulate creativity, motivation, curiosity and excitement. Our aim is to provide a greater connection with learning, to empower educators and learners to plan and lead change, to engage with their education both in their school and within themselves.


SchoolWise Inspiring a Passion for Learning in Everyone

The SchoolWise Mission

It is our mission to enable and support each and every school to be at the forefront of change. To give every school the freedom, the choice and the flexibility to create an environment where innovation takes place. A place where educators are empowered to teach in new and creative ways, a place where the student is at the heart of the learning experience.

We are committed to delivering an experience where everyone is connected not only to each other but to their education. Students have the space to develop their individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills while igniting their creativity and building their confidence. Students are immersed in an atmosphere of fun and excitement around their education where they are actively engaged in the development of their own learning.

We are dedicated to the delivery of superior products and services where technology seamlessly facilitates the instruction, the sharing and the consumption of new knowledge, to ensure deeper learning takes place.  Elimination of mundane tasks allows time to be used more efficiently and effectively to focus on key skills, to support, monitor and evaluate each individual student’s progress. We are dedicated to bringing about a greater emphasis on student learning, on the quality of that learning and enhancing how instruction is delivered.

Communication, collaboration, responsibility, and evaluation are at the core of SchoolWise. We believe in connecting the entire school community where all types of knowledge sharing can take place. Providing spaces where active collaboration of this knowledge from the inspiration, creation, development, sharing and reflection is possible. SchoolWise creates awareness of the responsibilities and independence for the entire learning process for all those involved. Finally, allowing the evaluation and reflection of teaching, learning and the complete educational experience.

It is our mission to enable and support each and every school to be at the forefront of change.



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