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Subject Planner

By Leslie Turner on 8/11/2015

The new school year is nearly upon us and we have been hard at work over the summer adding some new features that we are really exited to get into the hands of teachers. There have also been some interesting developments in the introduction of the new Junior Cycle and with that in mind, we have incorporated some interesting features to aid in the implementation of the new cycle.


Subject Planner

SchoolWise Learning Platform Subject Planner


One of the biggest additions this September is our Subject Planner. Now you can organise all your classroom tasks and activities into Lesson Plans which you can then organise into Subject Plans. This will make subject planning much easier and ensure that everyone in the subject department is working off the same structure. The plans are ultimately grouped by Strands that are already pre-populated for you and if that was not enough we have even pre-populated all the Strand Elements!


SchoolWise Subject Planner Overview


Touching on the new Junior Cycle again, we have incorporated the Key Skills, Skill Elements and Statements of Learning when creating your tasks and activities. Guess what, yes we have pre-populated all the Key Skills, Elements and the 24 Statements of Learning!


Of course this would not be complete without linking all of this to Learning Outcomes, Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. We have put everything in a workflow that guides you through all of the steps when creating a task/activity, lesson plan and subject plan.


SchoolWise Learning Key Skills and Statements of Learning


Planning out your subject is not just so you have a framework to refer to, we have brought your plan right into your Class Groups! Now you can use the subject plan, lesson plan and task/activities to mark off what you have completed with your students, indicate your progress through the subject plan and take off from exactly where you were in your last class. 


SchoolWise Subject Planner Group Progress


If that was not enough, you can now share Learning Intentions, Outcomes and the Success Criteria with your class.


We hope you are excited as we are about the new Subject Planner. We have more exciting news to come in the next few weeks as the start of the new school year draws closer.

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