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Reporting comes to SchoolWise

By Leslie Turner on 9/1/2015

We are really excited to launch another great feature this month. Reports is one of the most requested features and now we are delighted to say that it has finally arrived!

We have added a new menu called, you guessed it, Reports. These are broken up into five sections, School, Department, Teacher, Class and Student. We have designed a number of report types in each section that will display the information in three ways. You will have donoughts to give you a summary, a line chart to show you a time trend and a grid to detail the specific information.

SchoolWise Reports

SchoolWise Reports

Some of the pre built reports are around learning, performance, engagement, assessment, planning and of course the new junior cycle. The reports will give invaluable information about how the school, department, teacher, class and student are performing. 


junior cycle
whole school


2016 Feb  4  1
2015 Sep  5  1
2015 Aug  28  2
2015 Feb  9  1
2014 Sep  4  1
2014 Aug  2  1
2013 Oct  997  1
2013 Sep  13  1



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