Junior Cycle

SchoolWise and The New Junior Cycle

The new Junior Cycle represents a sense of freedom and choices for schools making the classroom the site of innovation. The focus is now on enabling students to make a greater connection with learning and improving the quality of learning that takes place. Ultimately it places students at the centre of the educational experience.

Teachers will have the scope to ensure deeper learning, to focus on key skills, and to support and monitor student progress. This empowers teachers to teach in new and creative ways, teach what they want students to learn and change how students engage with the curriculum.
It also gives school management and teachers the professional space and flexibility to decide how best to organise the learning and shape it to meet the learning needs of their students.


New Cycle - New Challenges

We at SchoolWise understand that with any new wave of change comes with it a wave of new challenges. It is now down to each school to be at the forefront of the change. New assessment methods, terminology, processes by which learning is generated, gathered, judged and reported, new management and review systems along with school staff and subject development are just some of the challenges facing schools.
We also realise that your school will need administrative and technological capacity to facilitate and manage this change, to gather the relevant assessment information and to engage with school leaders, educators, learners and parents. Communication and collaboration along with the enhanced use of ICT is more important than ever before, especially as more subjects are rolled out. SchoolWise is the platform that can enable your school to successfully adopt these changes and exceed the challenges ahead.


SchoolWise and the Junior Cycle

SchoolWise is a cloud based learning platform, developed in Ireland, and is the only one in the market designed specifically for Irish secondary schools. It is the only platform that incorporates all aspects of the new junior cycle. It will also give you and your school leaders full visibility, management and reporting on how teaching and learning takes place within your school, subject departments, with teachers and students.

Key Skills

All of the Key Skills and Key Skill Elements within the New Junior Cycle are already incorporated into SchoolWise

Statements of Learning

All 24 Statements of Learning are available for you to select from when creating tasks/activities for your students

Subject Planner

Step by step Subject Planner enables you to create subject and lesson plans while incorporating Junior Cycle elements


Easily track how well your school, teachers and classes are doing implementing the Junior Cycle

Terminology and Concepts

Help everyone grasp the terminology and concepts, everything is colour coded and numbered

Visibility and Clarity

Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Learning Outcomes are visible to students providing clarity around their learning

Enhacing the Learning Experience

The Junior Cycle reform encompasses a number of the core values that already exist in the SchoolWise Platform. SchoolWise allows a student to be a resourceful and confident learner, placing them at the centre of the educational experience. Where once their creative energies were often lacking, they are now inspired by a new classroom environment surrounded by learner-friendly language. Students have the tools that they can use to support, monitor and evaluate their own progress. Students can be positive about their education.


Within SchoolWise the focus is on learning and teaching, bringing about a greater emphasis on student learning, on the quality of that learning, and on the respective roles of teachers and students in that process. But it also gives school management and teachers assistance so they can focus on learning and teaching and spend more of their activity on improving how instruction is delivered. SchoolWise encourages innovation in schooling and teaching and creative learning in the classroom.

Junior Cycle Reporting

How does SchoolWise Help with Planning the New Junior Cycle

We have provided all the scaffolding necessary for you to successfully plan and start implementing the new junior cycle not only with your subject departments, but also with your students. Our comprehensive subject planner enables you to create subject plans and lesson plans to include tasks/activities linking directly to learning resources. The subject planner also includes all the elements of the new junior cycle including key skills, skill elements, statements of learning, learning intentions, success criteria and learning outcomes. You can also use the planner with your students to track and display progress, visibility of learning intentions and outcomes along with the supporting resources.


Comprehensive reporting enables you to quickly determine your school, department, class and teachers progress and performance on planning and deployment of the junior cycle. You can easily customise and filter the information as required which will aid in subject department and school development planning.


Staff Central enables communication and collaboration across all your subject departments and your school to facilitate the co-ordination of the junior cycle. You can easily plan meetings, communicate with staff, share resources and collaborate on the delegation of tasks and deadlines.


As new subjects come on stream and the new junior cycle evolves so will SchoolWise. Examples of this are evident in all the key skills, skill elements, statements of learning, strands and elements, and taxonomy all pre populated in the platform ready for use. Your investment in SchoolWise is also an investment in to the future of your school.

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