Building on the Traditional with Technology

The world of technology is one which is fast paced and one which is constantly evolving at an enormous rate. Deciding what is the best tablet, laptop, pc or what is the best app, software, device or even what format, size and content you should or should not incorporate into your school is a daunting task for any educator.

We believe that it is not about learning the hardware or software, but fundamentally how that hardware or software can be used to learn. The technology should be seamless in a way that prompts, supports, and sustains student learning in both traditional and new teaching methods in more varied, intelligent, and effective ways to ignite passion and inspire.

The introduction of technology represents both a challenge and an invitation to teachers to re-think, re-imagine, revitalise, refine and build upon all that is rich and true about education for centuries. The introduction of such technology should be to enhance and improve student learning.
Incorporating Technology for Future Learning

Incorporating Technology for Future Learning

The positive impact and success of technology within schools is determined by proper coordination and deployment. Technology that is poorly coordinated and implemented can have a negative impact. SchoolWise provides the scaffolding that is needed to simplify and support this process.

Research shows that blending the traditional with technology to engage with the wide spectrum of student ability results in not only a more productive learning experience, but encourages students in a constructive and exciting way to improve their performance. Acknowledgement of their performance can motivate and inspire a passion for learning in even the reluctant learners.

The framework within SchoolWise awakens these behaviours and makes them achievable. Educators can now use their time to focus their activity on improving how instruction is delivered in new and creative ways. Teachers can inspire students and students can inspire teachers and their peers.

Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning

Further research has added to the evidence that broad assessment methods created by teachers enrich a students learning experience. Altering the student's position from passive receiver to active learner will inspire, motivate and stimulate creativity, creating self-awareness of how they learn which enables them to learn more easily and effectively.

SchoolWise provides teachers and students with the tools necessary to deliver a personalised learning experience. Teachers can now guide and evaluate student progress in their assessment for learning. SchoolWise opens the communication channels, encourages and empowers students to take the initiative, to be innovative and to direct their own learning. It improves their observation, inquiry, creativity and critical-thinking skills. Students can set and achieve their own personal goals.

Building Better Relationships

Building Better Relationships

SchoolWise meets the demands of your students who want the freedom to learn online by delivering a social, more learner friendly environment. Today’s students are digital natives, engaged in building new relationships every day and enhancing existing ones by interacting through the use of social networks with their friends, family and social groups. The quality of the relationships we have with each other determines the quality of our lives. Research shows that developing quality and healthy relationships with your students, teachers experience fewer behaviour problems and better academic performance.


Promoting open communication channels is a core function of SchoolWise that enables teachers to understand how each student operates, design their correct learning path and individualise their learning and create and one to one learning experience. Integrated social learning tools within SchoolWise help win the hearts of all your students who crave positive social interaction with their peers and now their teachers. Group learning, peer to peer learning, personalised feedback, peer reviews and enhanced dialogue both online and within the classroom can all be facilitated through SchoolWise.

Outcomes and Achievements from SchoolWise

Outcomes and Achievements from SchoolWise

SchoolWise enables your school to create professional learning community to enhance the relationship between teachers and students creating a positive culture and atmosphere around learning. Students will associate learning with a more familiar environment that they currently associate with technology and society. Through the positive engagement in their learning process students will develop a deeper understanding of knowledge and adopt a more active and constructivist role in their learning. 


Teachers can find greater efficiency through the use of a structured framework to help in the creativity, engagement and delivery of lessons. Time can now be spent on fostering student progression and attainment and less on mundane and repetitive tasks. Overall the school curriculum will be strengthened and made more relevant by developing cross curricular links between subjects and between departments.

SchoolWise promotes collaboration across the entire school

Working Together within SchoolWise

SchoolWise promotes collaboration across the entire school. Invoking teacher collaboration is an essential ingredient to continued growth and development. Access to one another’s lessons, resources, and methods empowers all teachers to devise, plan and deliver creative learning in a collegiate manner. Teachers can easily share new knowledge and enjoy the vast experience of other teachers on the SchoolWise learning platform. 


Digital information of all types can be easily stored and retrieved to allow meaningful courses to be streamlined providing staff flexibility. New course requirements regarding student portfolio work can be easily assimilated into every day teaching. Communication between teachers and students becomes efficient, easily managed and occurs in new and exciting ways.

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