How can SchoolWise help me?

We all have different ways of doing things, different ways of interpreting information; different opinions so we know that no two people are the same – this is what makes us great. This same principal applies when we talk about our learning. Some of us learn better by seeing and hearing while others learn better by doing. 


SchoolWise will help you find the ways which you learn better enabling you to learn more easily and effectively, in a way which you are more comfortable with. Having all your school’s learning resources, classes, projects, assignments, along with relevant information around the day to day curriculum means that you can learn at any time and from any place. SchoolWise is not a replacement for your school or teachers, it simply enables your school to be online and to use technology to bring about new ways of learning.

Personalise and Direct your own Learning

Have you ever felt a lesson went too quickly, you did not quite grasp a section or maybe you missed the entire day from school? SchoolWise enables you to view the same presentation, worksheet, article, and chapter, whatever it may be as many times as you like. You can revise past resources or explore subjects and courses you are thinking of taking. You can even subscribe to your favourite folder in your favourite courses to keep up to date of new information. SchoolWise allows you to learn at your own pace. 


We know there are many assignments, projects, portfolios, etc. to try and keep track of in school, that’s why you have your own locker in SchoolWise. You can view, save and edit all your files directly to SchoolWise whether you are in school, at home or on the move. You will never lose that important document again. Your locker also provides you with a place to gather all your information for assessment.

Taking more Responsibility

Your education is all about you; it is a fundamental part in helping you to achieve your goals and to reach your dreams. The success of your education comes down to you and how active you are in the participation of your learning. SchoolWise allows you take more responsibility by giving you the tools to engage and contribute within your groups, communicate with your teachers and peers, collaborate with other students, organise all or your work and to evaluate your own progress.

Can I get Involved in SchoolWise within my School?

Your participation in SchoolWise is essential to its success. Encouraging friends and fellow students in your school to use SchoolWise by sharing tips and tricks, showing them how achieving targets has become easier, all help to develop SchoolWise within your school. 


Your teachers also need encouragement, let them know how you would like to see resources, assignments and other useful information to be published to SchoolWise. You can post information to your groups for all your fellow classmates and teachers to see. 


Are you head of the computer club, part of the football team, taking part in the school musical, or even a member of a project within your school? Then why not create a social group and get your colleagues to join. You can share updates, pictures websites and files with each other.

How can I help SchoolWise?

You are already responsible for making SchoolWise what it is today. We always appreciate your feedback. If you would like to see something added, change, improved then please let us know.

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