Parents What is the SchoolWise Learning Platform

What is the SchoolWise Learning Platform?

SchoolWise is an online learning space that is an extension of the traditional school but without any of the boundaries such as time or classrooms. SchoolWise is a safe and secure online platform where your child can interact and direct their own learning experience. 


All the digital learning resources that teachers currently use within the classroom can now be published to SchoolWise, immediately making these resources available at any time, from any location. SchoolWise is much more about sharing digital resources, it creates a place where your child has readily available access to new knowledge, He can interact with his class, peers and the entire school. Children can build on their strengths, work on their weaknesses and become more motivated and inspired about their educational experience.

Why does my Child need Online Learning?

The integration of technology has been happing for many years in schools all over the world. Computers, laptops and now tablets along with wireless internet access, interactive whiteboards and plethora of apps and software have changed the way our children learn today. Online learning is a natural progression from this process while complimenting existing technologies. 


Colleges and Universities have long taken advantage of making learning available online and is a fundamental part to the way in which they operate today. Businesses are also benefitting from online learning to create spaces for staff personal development, knowledge sharing, enhancing communication and encouraging collaboration within their organisation. SchoolWise enables your child to become e-confident, a lifelong learner with the skills and knowledge for a modern 21st century workplace.

How will SchoolWise Benefit my Child?

SchoolWise places your child at the centre of the learning experience altering his position from a passive receiver to an active learner. Your child will become self-aware of how he learns which enables him to learn more easily and effectively, in a way which he is comfortable with. 


It is our goal to inspire a passion for learning in your child. SchoolWise encourages the students in a constructive and exciting way to improve his performance by actively engaging with his learning. It enables your child to create a personal learning experience, to set and achieve their own personal goals. It opens the communication channels, encourages and empowers students to take the initiative, to be innovative, and to direct their own learning. It improves their observation, inquiry, creativity and critical-thinking skills.

Can I get Involved in Helping my Child with SchoolWise?

Parental involvement is crucial to your children’s academic success. The changing face of the curriculum and the new assessment for learning approach requires that not only the school, but students themselves evaluate, reflect and develop their own learning. You can play a big part in this process by helping your child to use the tools within SchoolWise to encourage and assist in this process. 


Creating and building relationships is an essential part in developing your child’s personality and social skills. SchoolWise enables the students to create spaces where he can create social groups, interact and communicate with his friends and peers in a safe and fun atmosphere. Encouraging your child to participate in these activities will help to further build their confidence.

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