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Unleashing peoples’ creativity provokes change, and this change inspires further creativity. SchoolWise motivates both teachers and learners to extend their creative spirit to construct learning communities unbounded by space or location. SchoolWise allows school leaders to implement and manage the change process necessary to accommodate new paradigms of learning for an information age.

Communication and the enhanced use of ICT are more important now than ever before. Every school needs the administrative and technological capacity to securely gather relevant assessment information, to develop programme strategies and to foster broad teaching methods including new technologies. Students want to learn from a rich and meaningful atmosphere where relevant programmes are delivered with the aid of technology, and where traditional classroom boundaries are dispelled.

SchoolWise enables every school to weave together the threads of teaching and learning. It brings about freedom to develop, plan and implement strategies for blended learning. It promotes e-confident educators and learners while giving school leaders the professional space and flexibility to decide how best to organise the learning and importantly, how to shape it to meet the needs of their students.
Learning Management
SchoolWise becomes the foundation of where learning and technology flourishes. It nurtures and encourages everyone not only to play their part, but to grow and develop it into the learning hub of your school. SchoolWise becomes the blueprint for your school to achieve its goals

SchoolWise encourages staff development, collaboration and communication by delivering a secure platform where school leaders, educators and all the entire school development team can come together to bring about and cultivate change.

Management of Learning and Technology

Research has indicated the central to the main obstacles in the participation of ICT within learning is the lack of collaboration. Promoting the use of technology throughout the entire school while establishing and sustaining a healthy culture around this technology is a challenging prospect for most school leaders. Ultimately if our teachers are constantly learning and growing, it is reasonable to assume that students are too. The construction and conservation of ICT plan across the school is vitally important to the success of not only the wide use, but the educational impact of technology.

The capability to securely store, organise and plan learning resources while stimulation the interaction of both educators and learners alike is at the core of SchoolWise. It brings about more effective and creative use of technology, complimenting and leveraging existing technologies that already exist such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, desktops, laptops and tablets. SchoolWise will help increase the overall adoption of technology within your school.

Driving Efficiency

We understand that today’s school is a complex and multifaceted organisation dealing with the delivery of an evolving curriculum, while at the same time dealing with the administration tasks needed to keep the organisation functioning properly. All this is happening in an environment of shrinking budgets and harsh cutbacks. Increasing efficiency while at the same time cutting costs presents a difficult and constant challenge for any school. Implementing such efficiencies and improvements without impacting on student attainment and staff moral presents itself to be sometimes a more significant challenge.

We believe in driving efficiency and increasing productivity to provide school management and teachers assistance so they can focus on learning and teaching, while spending more of their activity on improving the quality of instruction and how that instruction is delivered. The resulting workflow allows teachers to streamline, organise and plan across curricular platforms.

Simple yet achievable tasks such as increasing communication, reducing photocopying and duplication of paper, organisation of learning and planning resources, creating spaces to collaborate and share knowledge are just some of the ways that SchoolWise can help support and drive efficiencies within every school.

Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Further research has identified that there are three demands placed on future citizens: lifelong learning which is learner-centred and based on learning competencies acquired through interaction; knowledge development through practical research; and knowledge sharing. SchoolWise encourages the students to acquire these competencies and become e-confident learners through active participation in all areas of their education. Learning will change from a model of passive acquisition, one where knowledge is delivered free from the restrictions of a traditional classroom setting, to one where the learner will acquire skills to access knowledge in a constructivist model. SchoolWise encourages the learner to collaborate with peers and teachers, enriching the knowledge already acquired.

Another core aim of SchoolWise is to assist students in understanding their own learning. To help create self-awareness of how they learn which enables them to learn more easily and effectively in the future. SchoolWise equips students with the tools necessary to become aware of their strengths and potential for development, to acquire new knowledge, increase understanding and have faith in themselves. Students need to feel digitally empowered and to formulate a plan for their own improvement.


One of the main aims of SchoolWise is to change the classroom paradigm from one of delivery of facts to one where students move to an open learning environment, altering their position from passive receiver to active learner.

The goals of each and every school throughout the entire world are to inspire, nurture, motivate, and develop the learning skills of every person to assist them in meeting the challenges of life beyond school, of further education, and of working life. SchoolWise is central to these goals.

Supporting Change

School leaders are already engaged in an evolution within education. The future demands and skills required from citizens require that schools support young learners in the formation of a flexible and intuitive workforce. SchoolWise encompasses all that is needed for school managers to put in place a learning environment where teachers are given support and encouragement to include ICT into their teaching and as a result inspiring and supporting the young learner to become an inquisitive, creative and effective learner. 

Change is a journey and integrating it with technology a bigger one. Our pledge to each and every school is that we are all on the journey together, to help, support and assist your school every step of the way. This is further galvanised by the fact that SchoolWise was born out of the minds of school leaders and educators. We believe our passion can change the world of learning.

SchoolWise Supports your School now and in the Future

Schools of the Future

SchoolWise positions your school at the forefront of education by providing readily accessible learning platform born from a concept, created for, and constantly driven by schools. It creates a positive culture around technology, encourages knowledge sharing, and stimulates collaboration creating an experience where everyone has the chance to grow, learn and succeed.

It is our passion for learning and the inspiration we receive from school leaders, educators and learners that makes SchoolWise what it is today. Incorporating the new and established pedagogical methods to nurture students, motivate teachers and create an efficient school of the future; whatever you want it to be.

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